About Us

Hello! My name is Liz Warfel and I am the owner of Liz’s Kitchen.  My love of food and cooking began at an early age as a result of the importance my parents placed on preparing dinner and eating together at the table every night.  As a child I would help to cook when I could- in all honesty, back then I mostly snacked on the ingredients that would later become dinner, but I loved being in the kitchen! 

My passion for cooking only grew as I got older until I realized I wanted it to be my career.  I was professionally trained at The French Culinary Institute and have many years experience working in kitchens, including three years as the sous chef at Street and Co. in Portland.

In 2011, I started Liz’s Personal Chef Service, where I cooked meals for my clients, in their kitchens, leaving them packaged in the fridge with simple reheating instructions.   I formed many wonderful relationships with my clients and enjoyed the new challenges of running a business. 

After my son was born in 2013, I took time off from work to be with him. As I thought about returning to work, I realized I wanted the ability to increase the amount of people who could enjoy my meals.  My husband and I installed a second kitchen in our house that is now licensed for my new business, Liz’s Kitchen.  By having a central location, I am hoping to provide more people with wholesome and delicious homemade meals in the most convenient way possible. 

While I enjoy eating and cooking with meat, I lean towards vegetables, grains and beans as the centerpiece for the majority of my meals.  The food I prepare follows the seasons and focuses on locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  I do not follow any particular diet: vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc., but many of the meals I prepare do happen to fall into one of those categories.