Macpage uses Liz's Kitchen two to four times a year for events held at the firm.  She always provides the perfect amount of food, and the quality and flavor never disappoints.  Aside from the dishes themselves, the best part is that Liz takes care of the preparation, set-up, clean-up and everything in between.  She also makes sure to have a well-rounded selection of vegan/ vegetarian, meat and gluten-free options available to all our guests.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Liz to anyone hosting a party.

- Macpage, South Portland


I started ordering with you because I thought your site was very professional and easy to understand, you have convenient delivery and the meals looked delicious! The part that really sold me was your separate licensed kitchen. You never know where your food is coming from so that made me feel very comfortable. My favorite thing about coming home on a Tuesday is checking out the food you made and tasting each one! I have been so happy with each dish and been spreading the word. Thank you for the time and care you put into your business  

- Joann, Portland


Liz Warfel cooks wonderful meals that are healthy, comforting, delicious and require no effort from me! The new kid-friendly meals are very well received by my daughter. She declared the Macaroni and Cheese, "Microwaveable Heaven!" and was very upset that I had only ordered one serving of it. I typically order one of every meal offered unless it has an ingredient I can't eat. I haven't found a meal that was not delicious and so convenient. Thanks Liz!

- Susan, Falmouth


We're all busy and the temptation is there every night to simplify dinner by ordering out. That doesn't fit our family goals of eating healthy and staying in budget. Ordering from Liz does. By ordering a few meals each week from Liz, dinner is on the table on time and by not going to the grocery store I avoid those impulse buys that add $10-$40 to every trip. My family loves Liz's cooking. I've served her meals to company and gotten rave reviews from everyone. Liz makes it easy to eat well and not stress about it. Do yourself a favor and order dinner in this week.    

–Paula, Portland


Tuesday is my favorite day of the week, I love opening the front door to find perfectly seasoned meals at my feet! Treat yourself to a delicious dinner without putting forth any effort whatsoever.   

- Anne, Portland


I had the delightful opportunity of eating Liz's Chicken Cacciatore; what a delicious experience! It was an eye-appealing dish of chicken breast with brown rice and a lovely sauce. It so happened I only had a plastic fork with which to eat...turned out not to be a problem. The chicken was so amazingly tender that it easily separated with a PLASTIC utensil. I've never had chicken that tender before. I felt so nourished and satisfied. If this is any indication of her cooking skills, sign me up!

- Ingrid, Falmouth


I just finished your roasted root vegetables with quinoa for lunch. Another yummy meal! I also love that I am trying new foods. You are an answer to prayer.

- Linda, South Portland


Oh my gosh- The gazpacho is DIVINE!! I also had some of the summer salad--equally fabulous. I think I said this before, but your lovely work may be a life changer for me. I want to eat well and healthy and not overeat--you're making it so easy. Thank you, thank you!!
- Margaret, Portland